Its function is to reinforce the concrete, completely replacing the traditional armor in several applications:

Industrial floors and floors;
Tunnel lining with projected concrete and segmented rings;
Prefabricated elements such as concrete pipes, refractories, plates, safes etc.

The fibers can be used as main reinforcement in all types of floors and floors supported on the ground, such as:

Industrial floors for all segments (production areas, storage, docks, etc.);
Commercial floors (malls, hypermarkets, shops, etc.);
Radiers (houses and buildings);
Airport floors;
Road, port and airport pavements;
Floors for cold rooms;
Stacked floors, in which the soil practically does not have support capacity, however this is a mixed solution, in which the fiber acts together with a localized reinforcement

Other Applications

In concrete tubes, the steel fibers allow productivity increase with the reduction of labor and eliminate cuts and losses of steel in the manufacturing process

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